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Tascam 24TR Portastudio SD - DP-24SD

Tascam 24TR Portastudio SD - DP-24SD

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Simultaneous 24-track playback for full-scale production
12 mono tracks and 6 stereo tracks give you what you need for the whole band
Stereo tracks can be used as mono tracks for flexible inputs
24 playback tracks with 8 inputs for monitoring and mixing
Simultaneous 8-track recording is perfect for session multitracking or live recording
Professional standard bit depth and sample rate settings - 16/24-bit, 44.1k/48k
8 combo jacks for mic and line inputs
High-quality mic preamps with phantom power let you use condenser mics
One input is impedance-selectable for direct recording of guitar and bass
Unbalanced and balanced stereo monitor outputs for flexibility
2 effect sends for using outboard gear
Headphone output for quiet monitoring
Remote input to connect a RC-3F footswitch for convenient tracking
Studio-quality effects for inputs, guitars, mixdown, and mastering
Bounce functionality to mix input signals and playback tracks, and record the mixed signal to track
Virtual tracks capability
Recording must-haves include mark function, chromatic tuner, and metronome
Same file transfer capability as USB mass storage device of a computer
AC adapter and 2GB SD card included

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