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Black Electro-Voice Everse 8 8-inch 2-way Battery-Powered PA Speaker

Black Electro-Voice Everse 8 8-inch 2-way Battery-Powered PA Speaker

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Black Electro-Voice Everse 8 8-inch 2-way Battery-Powered PA Speaker - New
Introducing the Everse 8 by Electro-Voice, the result of years of meticulous research and development. This groundbreaking battery-powered PA system is designed for portability without compromising on features. With a remarkable 12-hour battery life, Bluetooth streaming, QuickSmart Mobile control, and more, it's the ultimate travel companion.
The Everse 8 is built with top-tier components, including a Dynacord high-efficiency Class-D amplifier, DSP module, 8-inch woofer, and high-output titanium tweeter. Experience the full potential of these components with its onboard mixing tools—a 4-channel digital mixer, studio-quality effects and processing, feedback suppression, and 48-volt phantom power for microphones.
Encased in a rugged yet elegant polypropylene shell, the Everse 8 is weatherized for water resistance, making it perfect for outdoor events. Musicians, DJs, event hosts, buskers, and more will appreciate the versatility and exceptional sound quality offered by this remarkable speaker. Choose the Everse 8 and get the best of everything in one powerful package.
Flexible features at a great price
The Everse 8 surpasses expectations in every application we've tested. This versatile speaker offers multiple setup options to suit your needs. Mount it on a tripod for impressive long-range coverage at outdoor events or sporting gatherings. Transform it into a stage wedge monitor with its convenient 55° angle. Alternatively, position it upright with a 30° kick-back angle to project sound upwards and outwards.
With a remarkable battery life of up to 12 hours per charge, the Everse 8 is built to keep up with events that span the entire day or night. Whether you need consistent, powerful sound for extended periods or flexible placement options, the Everse 8 delivers exceptional performance and endurance.
Microphone ready
The Everse 8 is an ideal companion for both wireless and wired microphone systems, offering seamless integration. With its 48-volt phantom power output and 12-volt DC port, you can directly power your wireless microphone systems using the Everse 8 battery, eliminating the need for additional power sources.
To further enhance convenience, the Everse 8 accessory tray (available separately) can be effortlessly mounted on top of the speaker. This tray provides a practical solution for organizing receivers and other wireless equipment, ensuring a tidy setup and easy access to your gear.
Experience the synergy between the Everse 8 and your microphone systems, and enjoy a streamlined and efficient audio setup for your performances or events.
Mobile controls
Experience hassle-free Bluetooth streaming with the Everse 8, accompanied by convenient control options through the QuickSmart Mobile app. This intuitive app grants users seamless command over audio, effects, and mix functions directly from their mobile smart devices. With this feature, you can effortlessly manage all of the speaker's audio capabilities from a distance—a highly sought-after function for busy hosts and dedicated sound technicians alike.Moreover, for those seeking even greater audio prowess, Everse 8 speakers can be used in true stereo via Bluetooth. This opens up a world of possibilities, delivering a rich and immersive sound experience.Discover the simplicity and versatility of the Everse 8, offering wireless streaming and comprehensive control at your fingertips. Elevate your audio performance and enjoy the convenience of managing your sound system effortlessly.
Top-notch EV and Dynacord components
Every component of the Everse 8 upholds the stringent quality and performance standards set by Electro-Voice. It embodies the same exceptional look, feel, and sound that we have come to expect from EV microphones and speakers, expertly tailored for portable and outdoor use.
Under the hood, the Everse 8 boasts an 8-inch woofer equipped with Electro-Voice's patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) port design, delivering impressive sound even from a compact enclosure. Complementing this is a deluxe titanium tweeter mounted on a custom constant-directivity waveguide, ensuring high and consistent output.
What sets the Everse 8 apart is its integration of coveted components from EV's sister brand, Dynacord. This includes a top-notch Class-D amplifier and an exceptional DSP sound module. From the inside out, every aspect of this speaker is meticulously engineered to deliver nothing short of the best.
Experience unrivaled quality and performance with the Everse 8, where each element works harmoniously to provide a remarkable audio experience in a portable package.
Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
Battery-powered portable PA for indoor or outdoor use
Best-in-class audio via a Dynacord high-efficiency Class-D amplifier and Dynacord DSP module
Built-in 4-channel digital mixer with studio-quality DSP effects and processing, 48V phantom power, feedback suppression, and audio ducking
Custom-designed high-capacity li-ion battery pack with up to 12 hours of run time per charge
Effortless battery removal and swaps with a tool-free design
8-inch woofer with patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) port design
High-output titanium tweeter mounted onto a custom constant-directivity waveguide
Flexible function — use it with a tripod to boost range, as a stage wedge using the 55° monitor angle, or use upright with a 30° kick-back angle to project upward and out
Stream via Bluetooth in mono or stereo
EV QuickSmart Mobile app remote control of all audio, effects, and mix functions via phone or tablet
12V DC port for powering wireless microphone systems (using system battery) plus a charging port for mobile devices
Weatherized polypropylene shell with an IP43 rating (water resistant to splashes and light rain)
No-skid rubber pads for a slip-free experience
Available with a wide variety of accessories (sold separately), including padded totes, accessory trays, rain covers, and extra batteries

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