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NUX MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor and Multi-Effects Pedal

NUX MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor and Multi-Effects Pedal

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New - NUX MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor and Multi-Effects Pedal
The NuX MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor features a pre-effect block that beautifully recreates the awesome signature sound of real analog overdrive/distortion pedals.
White-Box Amp Modeling Algorithm
In 2010 NuX introduced TSAC (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) with the sole intention of bringing Amp Modeling to a whole new level. The DSP industry has been evolving at breakneck speed, and keeping up can be a challenge. We were impressed that a product like the Fractal AXE-FX had the foresight to use a high-definition TSAC (white-box) algorithm to do its Amp Modeling. So we took note and started development on an affordable modeler with TSAC-HD. The concept of 'Chaos makes the muse' perfectly applies to the analog circuit. When you tweak the knob, it affects itself as well as other parameters. For a linear digital system, the parameter is independent. The white-box algorithm offers real negative feedback, increment-by-increment. The NuX TSAC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists prefer in a real tube amplifier. Building a sky-high-priced product is easy. The art of building an affordable product is a real challenge. We priced the MG-300, with a straightforward high-performance algorithm to not only fit this specific DSP platform but dominate the multi-efx platform in general.
Impulse Response
The MG-300 offers 512 sample resolutions of an impulse response. You can load 3rd party IR files using NuX QuickTone edit software. MG-300 supports 48kHz Wav format. The built-in 25 cabinet IRs combine 4 classic microphones with 3 positions to allow beginners a quick and easy way to jump into the multi-effects experience.
The NuX built the popular Mini Core Series and the Verdugo Series (post effects) using Core Image Technology. Now MG-300 provides you with the same sound library including all the classic Chorus, Flanger, Phase, Vibe, Rotary, Vibrato, and more.
If you have tried out the Cerberus or Atlantic, you know NuX's impressive Delay and Reverb sound. The MG-300 offers even more new models and algorithms with Core Image technology. It also provides a sub-division and tap tempo to make your tone more musical.
Just like the iconic sound of NuX's Atlantic reverb algorithm, MG-300 adds Room for small environment reflection. Simple operation with great sound is our mission.
The MG-300 supports NuX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm, a breakthrough technology derived from the popular NuX Loop Core Stompbox and later the JTC Pro Drum and Loop. Every guitarist has his/her funky way so a truly versatile drum and looper is indispensable. The MG-300 has 8 rhythm styles, each style has 7 different beats. You can play the rhythm then record your phrase loop. MG-300 will automatically amend the phrase to fit the current rhythm BPM. The MG-300 offers 60s phrase loop recording time.
Quick Tone
Connect to NuX Quick Tone, and you can easily tweak parameters, download patches, load 3rd party IRs, and even set up USB audio-stream routing. Quick Tone is an interactive edit software when you tweak the Real knobs, you'll see your changes in real-time.
Free Shipping deliver within 2 to 3 business days or less.
TSAC-HD Pre-Effects and Amp Modeling deliver realistic feel and playability.
Core-Image Post-Effects offer you studio sound quality.
Quick Tone™ Edit Software for quickly choosing and tweaking patches.
Load 3rd-party IRs to expand sound ability.
USB audio stream for recording interface with routing setup.
56 drum beats and 60 seconds Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm.
Global 3 bands EQ for quick adjustments in live application.

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