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SE Electronics RF-PRO-BLK Reflexion Filter PRO Acoustic Treatment Device, Black

SE Electronics RF-PRO-BLK Reflexion Filter PRO Acoustic Treatment Device, Black

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SE Electronics RF-PRO-BLK Reflexion Filter PRO Acoustic Treatment Device, Black - NEW
Where your music goes while you sing it.
Many of our Reflexion Filter Pro users asked us to produce a stand which lets them clip lyrics or music in place while they are making recordings, so we've come up with the RF Music Stand, which is a sturdy support for music books and tablature sheets alike.
The sE Reflexion Filter Music Stand (RF MS) clamps easily onto the top of the Reflexion Filter Pro in seconds, and features clips to attach your notes and music tablature/books on the horizontal top bar.
Please note: the RF Music Stand is designed only for use with the sE Reflexion Filter® PRO.
Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
Reflexion Filter® PRO.
Beautiful concert halls, gigantic high-ceilinged spaces, lofty stairwells with glorious natural reverb...capturing the sound of an acoustically-pleasing room can make a great recording truly special. But getting a good sound in a bad space is very, very difficult.
What if you're an artist recording at home? What if you don't have the budget for a properly treated studio? What if you move to a new house or apartment?
How does it work?
When you put a microphone in front of you, it doesn't just hear you - it hears the room around you.
Even if it's a cardioid mic and is listening mostly to just you, it's still picking up reflections from your voice or instrument that are bouncing off the walls and coming back to the mic. The goal of acoustic treatment is to minimize the pickup of such reflections so your primary sound source comes through as pure as possible.
So why not just put some cardboard or foam behind the mic?
Some materials are good at absorbing or reflecting particular frequencies - for example, foam absorbs highs really well, but does nothing for lows.
Unlike cheap foam RF imitations, sE's patented multi-layer technology works evenly across the whole frequency spectrum to ensure a balanced, even sound with no coloration at all.
This is what makes the Reflexion Filter unique, and makes it the choice of the biggest recording artists in the world - whether they're working in untreated rooms, or working in a professionally-designed studio and just need a little more isolation.
Reflexion Filter® Pro
Mounting bracket
Screw wrench
Mic stand thread adapter

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