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Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer Guitar Effects Loop Mixer/Switcher

Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer Guitar Effects Loop Mixer/Switcher

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Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer Guitar Effects Loop Mixer/Switcher - New
If you've ever tried to run multiple fuzz pedals simultaneously, you know how hard it can be to get them to stack. Enter the EXH Tri Parallel Mixer. This double-wide stomp lets you blend or toggle any three sets of pedals, along with your dry instrument signal, to create the ultimate tonal concoction. Each channel has its own independent send and return volumes, EQ, and phase controls — the latter for making sure all your pedals play nice together — along with indicator LEDs so you can see, at a glance, which loops are active. In addition, you also get a global master volume control to hit your amp or interface at the appropriate level, along with a dry volume knob to blend in some of your untouched signal. Switcher ("XOR") and mixer ("AND") modes make the Tri Parallel Mixer a powerful addition to any advanced pedalboard.
Why parallel mix my pedals?
Most of us guitar, bass, and synth players run our pedals in series, whereby the effects of the first pedals are passed along to the next, and those to the next, and so on. Most of the time this causes no issue — in fact, many players prefer their pedals stacked in series like this. Where this can pose a problem is for pedals that expect to "see" the dry instrument signal untouched. Fuzz, octave, and harmonizer pedals — anything that tracks, really — are notoriously choosy about that first position. With the EHX Tri Parallel Mixer, you can send your dry signal to multiple pedals or loops of pedals and blend them to taste. So if you just want a touch of fuzz or a spoonful or chorus, you have full control over the end result. It's your chance to play mad scientist over your entire pedal chain.
And what's with that Dry knob?
A large number of vintage and modern pedals have no wet/dry blend. In fact, many are simple on-off circuits. The Tri Parallel Mixer doesn't just let you concoct the perfect potion from your favorite stomps, but once you find the right blend, to feed back in your dry signal for as extreme or subtle results as you choose. So bass players: you can dial in that hairy, fuzzy top end without sacrificing your low-end clarity. Guitarists: you can create full-fat layer cakes of the craziest effects without compromising feel. Aided by a final master volume to hit your preamp just right, the Tri Parallel Mixer is one pedal that will continue to pay dividends on your musicmaking potential.
What else is it good for?
FX pedal loops
in XOR mode, the Tri Parallel Mixer also functions as a 3-loop switcher pedal. So if you want to quarantine your noisier pedals until you need them on, or if you want to activate entire troves of pedal effects in one stomp, this one stomp has you covered.
Instrument switcher
By running multiple sources into each loop's return and setting their levels, you can run multiple instruments into the same amp. This is perfect for level matching between guitars, or for switching instruments mid-set.
Amp combiner
Ever dream of hearing your guitar come out of two amps at once? The Tri Parallel Mixer can also accomplish this via its level-controlled sends, all without imparting additional latency or phasiness between your outputs.
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3-way FX pedal switcher and mixer
A swiss army knife of musical merriment
Run three chains of pedals — even choosy stomps like fuzz and octaves — in series
Toggle three loops for instant multi-stomp presets
Wet/dry control preserves your bottom end and clarity
Can also be used as an amp combiner and instrument switcher
Channel controls: send/return levels, EQ, phase
Global controls: dry level, master volume
XOR (switcher) and AND (mixer) modes

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