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Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab Pedal

Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab Pedal

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Strymon Iridium Amp & IR Cab Pedal - New
In brief: Stereo Amplifier Simulator and Cab IR Convolver with 300 Presets, Onboard Room Reverb, and Buffered Bypass Switching
The Strymon Iridium is a compact pedal that provides the tube amp experience without the need for an actual amplifier. It offers the tube staging, tone stack, and touch response of three iconic amplifiers with corresponding cabinet choices. The pedal features three amp modes: Round (based on a classic American 1x12 combo), Chime (inspired by a British 30-watt combo), and Punch (modeled after a coveted British hundred-watter). Each mode accurately captures the characteristics and breakup of the original amps.
The Iridium includes nine onboard speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) from renowned manufacturers like OwnHammer and Celestion Digital. These IRs emulate various cabinet types and speaker combinations, providing a range of authentic tones. Additionally, you can load your custom IRs via USB using the Strymon Impulse Manager software.
With its hybrid analog/digital signal path, the Iridium combines a Class A JFET preamp circuit for responsive touch dynamics and 20dB of analog gain with a powerful 2-stage DSP processor for amp modeling and IR convolution. The ARM coprocessor ensures seamless operation and accurate approximations of amp models, cabinet responses, and room reverbs.
The pedal offers a stereo line-level output, allowing you to connect directly to a PA system or recording interface. It supports mono or stereo pedal setups and can be controlled using an expression pedal or MIDI controller for parameter adjustments. The Iridium also includes a headphone jack for monitoring on stage.
With 300 preset slots and the ability to save and access favorite presets via MIDI, the Strymon Iridium provides guitarists with meticulously modeled amp tones in a compact and convenient format.
Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
3 amps and 9 speaker cabs in a familiar pedal format
Powerful SHARC/ARM DSP processors
Onboard reverb sells the amp-in-a-room response
Matrix Modeling captures the tube response and interactive tone stacks of 3 highly coveted amps — American clean to British high gain
Cab IRs from OwnHammer and Celestion give the Iridium a performance-ready response
Can also import IRs (mono/stereo, 500ms, 24-bit/96kHz) over USB
TRS expression pedal input unlocks hands-free volume swells and level control
Access up to 300 favorites using a Strymon MIDI EXP cable and MIDI controller
Buffered bypass switching
9-volt DC power supply included
Proudly built in the USA

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