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Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser Pedal Z12A-ZLZA

Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser Pedal Z12A-ZLZA

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Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser Pedal Z12A-ZLZA - NEW
Elevate Your Phaser Experience with Strymon Zelzah:
Introducing the Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser effects pedal, the long-awaited solution for vintage vibe enthusiasts. This pedal is more than just a phaser – it's a powerhouse of modulation, delivering phasing, chorus, flanging, and more with unparalleled audio excellence. Zelzah is your gateway to iconic ’60s and ’70s sounds, enriched with modern flexibility to create new sonic realms. If you've been on the hunt for a modulation effects pedal that seamlessly merges vintage charm with innovative creativity, your search ends here with the Strymon Zelzah.
Limitless Sound Possibilities with Dual Effects Sections:
Underneath its surface, the Strymon Zelzah boasts two autonomous stereo effects sections. One is dedicated to 4-stage phasing, while the other handles 6-stage phasing. The magic lies in the way they can be interconnected – series, parallel, or split signal configurations give you the freedom to sculpt your sound in ways you've never imagined. Tweak the dials to unveil a spectrum of modulation effects, including chorus, tremolo, and flanging. The Strymon Zelzah is your canvas, inviting you to explore limitless creative dimensions.
Unveiling the True Stereo Advantage:
Designed with a genuine stereo signal path, the Strymon Zelzah is a versatile tool for more than just guitars. Synthesizers, keyboards, and mix effects are equally at home with its expansive stereo capabilities. Delve into electric piano sounds and experience love at first note. The dual effects sections are equipped with independent processors, each with adjustable stereo width. While it thrives as a mono effect for guitar, its stereo prowess thrills in multi-amplifier setups and recording scenarios.
Quality Embodied by Strymon:
Strymon is synonymous with superior craftsmanship and innovative design, setting new standards for professional-grade effects. Rooted in California, their philosophy centers on crafting gear that transcends expectations. Only the finest components and powerful processors are integrated into their pedals. Behind each seemingly simple design lies a universe of tweakable parameters for fine-tuning your sonic signature. Join the ranks of global musicians who entrust their sound to Strymon pedals, testament to their excellence in construction and sound quality.
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Versatile phaser pedal with 2 (4-stage and 6-stage) independent, footswitchable effects sections
Each effects section can be configured for serial, parallel, or split signal processing
Powerful ARM DSP with 32-bit floating-point processing for amazing sound quality
True stereo signal path with separate stereo width controls for each effects section
Mono input can be used as a stereo signal input with an appropriate TRS adapter (sold separately)
Go beyond vintage-style phasing to explore a wide range of flanging, chorus, tremolo, and other modulation effects
Vintage 4-stage phaser offers 3 phaser sweep modes: Classic, Barber, and Envelope
Innovative 6-stage phaser ranges from classic phase effects to flanging and chorus, with controllable resonance
Adjustable input level accommodates instruments and line-level signals
Full MIDI integration via TRS connection for MIDI CC, clock sync, and preset switching (requires Strymon MIDI EXP cable or MIDI to TRS interface, sold separately)
Selectable true bypass or buffered switching
Expression pedal input for even more creative performance potential

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