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Novation Circuit Rhythm Groovebox and Standalone Sampler

Novation Circuit Rhythm Groovebox and Standalone Sampler

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Novation Circuit Rhythm Groovebox and Standalone Sampler -NEW

In Brief: Standalone Sampler and Groove Production Workstation with 8 Pattern Tracks, Step-sequencer, Onboard Effects Section, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery.

The Novation Circuit Rhythm is a portable, standalone groovebox designed for sample-based music creation. Distinct from the Circuit Tracks, it features eight tracks for custom samples, loops, and one shots, along with a range of sound manipulation tools like rhythmic and harmonic effects, modulators, reverb, and delay. The device incorporates a powerful sequencer supporting pattern chains of up to 256 steps and is equipped with a 4 x 8 matrix of RGB pads and 10 control knobs for intuitive programming and performance.

Circuit Rhythm facilitates versatile sample manipulation, allowing users to record samples via stereo input or load them from a microSD card. It offers Grid FX such as beat repeat, reverser, gater, auto-filter, sample-rate reducer, bitcrusher, phaser, and vinyl simulation. With its sampling capabilities, the device allows users to create complete sample-based productions on a portable platform.

Featuring eight pattern tracks, Circuit Rhythm enables the programming of complex arrangements with the ability to chain up to eight 32-step patterns. It provides three play order settings (reverse, ping-pong, and random) and a unique mutate feature for pattern randomization. The onboard reverb and delay with eight reverb types and 16 delay presets enhance the final mix, and their send levels can be automated.

The groovebox is battery-powered with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, offering up to 4 hours of on-the-go production. The Novation Components hub expands functionality by providing access to software updates and allowing users to create, download, and store custom sample packs. Additionally, the Circuit Rhythm Sample Pack Expansion includes six genre-specific packs with over 550 curated loops and one shots, offering creative possibilities for music production.


  • Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Coastline Bliss: Drift away to a golden coastal sunset with these grainy vinyl samples and tight beats.
  • Trap Hop: Build big tracks using dark hip-hop influences with warped sound design and impactful rhythms.
  • East Coast Soul: An effortless set of electric pianos, vibrant chord progressions, and shimmering digital leads paints a sunset-drenched soundscape.
  • Wonky Hip-hop: A chilled collection of intimate guitars, punchy hip-hop beats, and smooth bass lines.
  • Neo-soul: Laid-back beats and stunning top lines make for a rich set of organic neo-soul instrumentation.
  • Daybreak Trap: A bass-heavy pack that blends chill guitar melodies with deep sub-basses and modern trap beats for a serene yet driving sound.
  • A powerful sample-based electronic music workstation and sequencer
  • Comprehensive RGB-backlit 4 x 8 pad matrix makes playing and sequencing intuitive
  • Capture samplers directly to the device via the stereo audio input or load them via microSD
  • Transform samples with Grid FX — beat repeat, reverser, gater, auto-filter, sample-rate reducer, bitcrusher, phaser, and vinyl simulation
  • Store your creations in 64 project memory slots for performance and easy recall
  • Combine a complete library of Sessions, Samples, and Patches into a single file with Circuit Packs
  • Switch between patterns instantly for engaging live performances
  • Gain increased control with separate transmit and receive settings for the Circuit’s MIDI clock
  • Chain multiple 8-step patterns to create sequences up to 256 steps
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you create and perform music anywhere
  • USB and MIDI connections provide compatibility with the rest of your electronic music gear
  • Novation Components product hub expands Circuit Rhythm’s functionality with powerful web-based tools
  • Firmware 2.0 added editable Grid FX, Beat Match, Fixed Length Recording, and Sample Record for additional fexibility when you're beatmaking
  • Type: Beat Production Sampler with Sequencer
  • Pads: 32 x Backlit Velocity-sensitive Pads
  • Sounds: 128 x Preloaded samples
  • Presets: 16 x Preloaded demo projects
  • Polyphony: 8-voice
  • Sequencer: 32-step, 8-track
  • Looper: Yes
  • Sampling: Stereo sample recording (128 sample slots, 32 seconds per slot), Beat Match, Fixed Length Recording
  • Effects: 16 x delay, 8 x reverb, Side chain, Compressor, Filter, Beat repeat, Reverse, Gate, Bit-crush, Phaser, Distortion, Vinyl sim
  • Analog Inputs: 2 x 1/4" TS (L/mono, R)
  • Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4" TS (L/mono, R)
  • Headphones: 1 x 1/8"
  • MIDI I/O: In/Out/Thru/USB
  • Other I/O: 1 x 1/8" TRS (sync)
  • USB:1 x USB-C
  • Storage: microSD Card Slot
  • Software: Novation Components (Sample Pack Expansions)
  • Power Source: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, USB bus powered, USB power supply (included)
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